About Kurapia

Watch us GROW!

If you've noticed our grass look a little different than normal grass, that's because it is. Instead of planting standard Bermuda grass like we had before, when we redesigned the garden, we planted a drought tolerant ground cover, called Kurapia.

Kurapia is a drought tolerant ground cover that replaces traditional lawns, turf, and erosion control plants. When established, every year Kurapia blooms and acts as a pollinator plant for local wildlife. 

We chose this particular plant for it's adaptability and it's hardiness. Because Kurapia does well with infrequent, heavy rainfall, can survive long stretches without water, and grows best in the heat, we thought it was a perfect choice for Tucson, Arizona.

Every small choice makes a difference, so even if it's taking a little bit longer for our Kurapia to spread, we know that when it takes root, it will be beautiful and better suited for our climate.