About Us

Himaya Garden: Embracing Filipino Heritage in the Heart of Tucson

Welcome to Himaya Garden, a family-owned venue that brings the warmth of Filipino heritage to the heart of Tucson. Founded by a Filipino family, Himaya Garden is a tribute to our Cebuano roots, evident in every aspect of our establishment and the very heart of our business.


Mother and daughter duo Odette D'Aniello and Milana D’Aniello, are third (and fourth!) generation bakers with a deep connection to their family's bakery on Guam and in the Philippines.

Growing up, I also felt a lot of pride in my heritage as a second-generation Filipino-American. The strength, beauty, resilience, and joy of my family and my community often felt overlooked, unseen, or underrepresented despite Filipinos being one of the biggest Asian populations in the US and the first Asian immigrants to the United States. With a lifetime of experience in the events business, we've brought our passion for creating unforgettable experiences to Himaya Garden. We wanted to showcase our deep connection to our heritage and pride in where we came from while sharing our culture and aesthetics with the community.

At Himaya Garden, we believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. Our mission is to not only showcase the exquisite flavors of the Philippines but also to provide a relaxing and inviting environment where lasting memories are made.

Our dedicated team, including our own children, is here to greet you with a warm welcome, ensuring your celebrations are filled with joy and authenticity.

While we embrace our Cebuano heritage, we also take pride in offering a venue that resonates with the diverse community of Tucson. You can experience our unique blend of cultures not only within our walls but also online and in markets across the nation through our Dragonfly Cakes and Petits Fours brand.